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DOT Stimulus Payout Tops $3.65 Billion
Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00
Approvals of state project requests reach nearly $30 billion

Payments by the Department of Transportation to states for infrastructure stimulus projects reached $3.652 billion as of Sept. 30, the administration said.

Those disbursements—mainly in the form of federal funds going to states to cover their payments to construction vendors—grew from $3.14 billion on Sept. 18 and $2.88 billion a week earlier, according to the Web site that tracks spending and project commitment levels under February’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

By far most of the DOT spending is through the Federal Highway Administration, which pushed out more than $2 billion in spending from February through Sept. 25.

Out of about $48 billion in all that DOT will spend under the two-year legislation, it had approved by Sept. 30 projects worth nearly $30 billion, of which $19 billion was through the highway agency. Its actual payouts for bills coming due have escalated sharply in recent months.

DOT has yet to announce grants under its $8 billion funding pool for passenger rail development, including high-speed train corridors, or out of a separate $1.5 billion fund for grants that the transportation secretary deems of national importance.

Journal of Commerce, 10/12/2009