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Haulage receives an 'injection of optimism'
Monday, 26 October 2009 00:00

Road freight volumes rebounded in September, with forwarders expressing optimism there would be "solid winter" ahead.

Marc Meier, director of overland transport for north-west Europe at Kuehne + Nagel, told IFW that its UK business had seen volumes in September this year, 5% higher than last year.

He said: "The pick-up is in the consumer and hi-tech sectors. Some of it is new business we have won, and some is new products that our hi-tech customers have launched.

"My belief is that consumption is picking up across Europe.

Jorgen Munch, head of European development at Davies Turner, said there had been "a break in the freefall" of demand in the UK, and added that this had injected optimism into the sector.

"We were very busy in the first two weeks of September in particular, and I think it was because companies had run stocks down.

"I think there will be a trend of running stocks down, reordering and running them down again, and a tendency [in future] to hold smaller stock levels and have more frequent deliveries."

Meier said some sectors still faced serious problems, however. "We still have structural issues with industrial customers, while automotive is down 25-30%.”

"But there is also strong demand for transport of recyclable materials, and with new ’floor trailers’ you can take scrap into recycling plants and back-load with conventional cargo."

International Freighting Weekly, 10/26/2009