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Spot Market Trucking Rising, Says TransCore
Thursday, 14 January 2010 00:00
Stronger demand pushed spot market freight index up 11 percent in December

Trucking's spot market shot up 11 percent in December from November as freight volumes more than doubled year-over-year, according to TransCore.

That's a reversal of typical trends, it said, as spot freight availability typically declines from November to December. "Although December is typically one of the weaker months for spot freight, it emerged as the strongest month in 2009," TransCore said. TransCore saw a 103 percent year-over-year increase in freight volumes shipped through its DAT Network compared with December 2008. In that year freight availability declined 9.5 percent from November to December.

December was the third consecutive month with positive year-over-year comparisons, thanks in part to improvements in the economy and to the extreme weakness of the fourth quarter of 2008, which marked the depths of the recession.

TransCore's Freight Index increased 10 percent from a year ago in October and 65 percent in November.

Journal of Commerce Online, 1/14/2010