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Diesel falls 1.4 cents to $2.594
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 00:00

According to statistics provided by the Energy Information Administration, the weekly retail on-highway diesel price average for the U.S. dropped slightly to $2.594 per gallon.

The price is $2.133 a gallon lower than one year ago today, and $0.014 less than last week’s price of $2.608.

One year ago next Monday the price reached its highest level ever at $4.765 per gallon.

The Rocky Mountain region was the only one to increase in price this week. It was up $0.017 per gallon to $2.648 a gallon.

The Central Atlantic region had the top average at $2.714 per gallon, down $0.012 from last week. The least expensive diesel was found in the Gulf Coast region where a gallon of diesel sold for $2.547, which was down $0.022 from last week.

Retail gasoline prices rose every day for nearly two months as refiners slashed production. That streak finally ended two weeks ago and prices at the pump have fallen every day since, according to the Associated Press., 7/7/2009